IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 : Adventure and Travel

IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 : Adventure and Travel

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Adventure and Travel

Describe an exciting adventure you would like to take in the future

You should say:

  • What the adventure is
  • Where you would go
  • Who you would go with
  • And explain why you would like to take the adventure

Matthew and I are planning to go to Wyoming, specifically to visit Yellowstone National Park, this coming December.

Recently, Matthew has had some spare time this year as he is retiring early. So, we are exploring different places where we can take a break and decided to check out Wyoming. It is located in the United States and we are particularly interested in visiting Yellowstone. From the information we gathered, it offers breathtaking views of canyons, rivers, and forests. It is also known for its hot springs and much more. One thing we are excited to see is the Old Faithful geyser. I used to see it in cartoons as a kid, but now I am thrilled to witness it in real life.

Matthew is also interested in hunting, and we’ve heard that Yellowstone has a variety of animals like antelope and elk. On the other hand, I am more inclined towards exploring and hoping to catch a glimpse of wolves or other wildlife. However, I understand the importance of maintaining a safe distance and observing them from afar.

Personally, we are eager to embark on this adventure. It has been a while since we experienced such an adrenaline rush from an adventure. Most of our previous adventures involved visiting places and indulging in food trips. This time, we are excited to have a more thrilling experience. Additionally, we haven’t visited the States in quite some time. Therefore, visiting Wyoming and exploring parts of Montana will be an excellent adventure for us.

Part 3 – Continuation

Who enjoys reading adventure books?

All I can say is that people who are into books, like my friend, Dave, who  enjoy reading adventure books. Additionally, those who are unable to go out and travel physically may choose to read books as a way to imagine having an adventure. I’m not exactly sure why some people prefer this, but it could be due to time constraints or financial limitations preventing them from traveling extensively. So, they turn to books to fulfill their desire for adventure.

Do people prefer adventure novels or adventure movies?

I think that recently, most people are more inclined towards adventure movies rather than novels. When it comes to novels, sometimes they may not be as well-received. I believe that currently, fewer people are interested in reading, and there are only a few who enjoy adventure novels. As far as I know, it has been a while since a major book seller or influential book has focused on adventure. Most of the novels in recent decades seem to lean towards the dystopian genre. On the other hand, adventure movies, especially those with explorers or set in dystopian worlds, seem to be more popular. For example, there are ongoing discussions about another Indiana Jones movie, which suggests either a lack of creativity or a desire to revisit the adventure genre.

Why do people prefer reading adventure books rather than embarking on adventures? 

Well, sometimes financial difficulties prevent individuals from going on adventures. Additionally, adventures often entail certain risks, and not everyone may be comfortable with taking those risks. In such cases, people may choose to read books instead, allowing them to experience adventures vicariously. For instance, if we consider the adventure of Moby-Dick, most people would rather read about it than risk their lives at sea.

Who doesn’t like to take adventures?

I believe some parents may not be fond of adventures due to the associated dangers. Moreover, there are individuals who are not particularly inclined to explore the world and prefer staying within their own comfort zones. While I wouldn’t label them as introverts, they simply find contentment in their own bubble. Speaking from personal experience, I used to dislike adventures as they brought about constant uncertainty and anxiety. While some find them exciting, others like me often feel more stressed than excited.

What kind of personality traits should people possess in order to experience a lot of adventures? 

One of the key traits is having an open mind and a flexible personality. If you lack an open mind, you won’t be inclined to explore different things. For example, food adventures require openness to trying various foods, including insects, rodents, or unconventional items. If you’re not open to such ideas, you won’t have a fulfilling adventure. If you watch food travel shows on TV, most food adventurers try worms, slugs, and even snakes, and consider it part of the fun. So, being open-minded plays a crucial role in having a rewarding adventure.

Will experiencing adventures broaden people’s horizons?

I recall a conversation I had with a friend who used to believe that Asian people were disgusting because they ate with their hands. However, after traveling, his perspective changed, and he became more understanding. He realized that eating with hands was part of their culture and didn’t necessarily imply uncleanliness. In fact, his mind opened up, and he became more open-minded towards cultural differences. This illustrates how going on travel adventures can broaden one’s perspective and expand their horizons.


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