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About Us

About IELTS Rizz

IELTS Rizz is a dynamic and unconventional approach to mastering the IELTS exam. Inspired by the slang term “Rizz,” which refers to skillful seduction. Our program is designed to empower you with the expertise needed to captivate and conquer the IELTS exam.

Through our unique methodology, we provide you with the essential tools and techniques to skillfully navigate each section of the IELTS test. From speaking and listening to reading and writing, IELTS Rizz offers targeted guidance to help you confidently communicate your ideas and showcase your language proficiency.

Our experienced instructor, Ian is like love guru, sharing his secrets and insights to help you charm the examiners and leave a lasting impression. With a focus on maximizing your strengths and refining your weaknesses. IELTS Rizz equips you with the strategies necessary to achieve your desired band scores.

Experience a course like no other, where learning becomes an exhilarating journey of seduction. Join IELTS Rizz and unleash your inner charisma to enchant the IELTS exam, leaving it spellbound and yearning for more. Are you ready to embrace the art of IELTS seduction and come out on top? Enroll today and let IELTS Rizz be your ultimate wingman on your path to success!

In 2014, my journey as an IELTS instructor began. I was entrusted with the responsibility of teaching IELTS to individuals from various backgrounds, including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans. With nearly a decade of experience, I have gained valuable insights into what examiners appreciate in candidate responses. I am eager to delve deeper into these aspects during our future classes. I look forward to engaging in further discussions with you.

IELTS Rizz_Ian Tanpiuco

It has been several years since I contemplated an animal that could embody both my teaching style and personality. On December 3, I finally made a decision, and the chosen animal is the grizzly bear. The coincidence with IELTS Rizz and ‘grizzly’ adds a touch of humor to it.

Moving forward, the grizzly bear will serve as the emblem, so to speak, for IELTS Rizz. I see my teaching style akin to that of a bear—thoughtful yet assertive. While students may not always appreciate it, I find this approach to be effective. In the realm of IELTS preparation, being consistently amiable may not necessarily lead to achieving the target score. At times, a more resolute and determined approach is required. Balancing toughness with charisma is key, and it is this combination that I believe makes one truly unstoppable.

Ian Tanpiuco began his career in 2007, initially working in a call center until 2012. Subsequently, he transitioned to a career as a virtual assistant. In 2013, he ventured into the field of ESL
teaching, catering to students from various Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam, China, and Thailand. By 2017, he embarked on his online journey, eventually establishing his own online
classes throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In 2020, Ian successfully engaged with approximately 300 students through both face-to-face and online interactions. In 2023, he initiated “IELTS Rizz,” a program that emphasizes the significance of mastering the art of IELTS. The term “rizz” conveys the essence of charisma, encouraging students to focus on expressing themselves excellently in English rather than relying on memorization—a common practice among many students. Ian’s approach also aims to excel in speaking, reading, writing, and listening, mirroring the language patterns of native speakers. Drawing on his extensive experience in the BPO industry and collaboration with individuals worldwide, IELTS Rizz assures students a more authentic and genuine learning experience, closely resembling that of a native English-speaking teacher


Experience: With a decade of experience, Ian and IELTS Rizz are well-versed in common mistakes and understand what examiners are looking for. By sharing this valuable information, students no longer need to memorize irrelevant passages that offer no guarantee. Armed with the right knowledge, students can confidently learn and memorize the exact elements that examiners seek-

Absences: Ian’s work ethic is outstanding; he rarely misses a class. Even when unwell, he ensures the timely delivery of classes- Recognizing that every student has their own commitments, such as volleyball, Ian respects their time and ensures that classes are efficiently utilized. There’s no unnecessary small talk—just pure consultation, providing the best possible support-

Strict: While online teachers are typically known for being jolly and bubbly, Ian recognizes that, for optimal IELTS success, a certain level of strictness is essential. Ian ensures that his
classes maintain a strict atmosphere to instill discipline, fostering an environment conducive to success- This approach is particularly beneficial for students genuinely committed to leaming and achieving their goals.