IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Robots

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Robots

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Robots

  • Are robots important?
  • Would robots affect people’s lives?
  • Have you ever watched a movie about robots?
  • Should we let a robot drive for us for long journeys?
  • What can robots do for you at home?

Are robots important?

In certain industries, especially manufacturing and large-scale factories, robots play a crucial role. They significantly reduce costs compared to human labor, making products more affordable and accessible. The efficiency of robots has also sped up processes, facilitating faster product delivery, even in online shopping, where automated machines help expedite deliveries from distribution centers to homes.

Would robots affect people’s lives?

While robots enhance efficiency, their widespread use in certain industries, like manufacturing, has led to job losses for many. So, yes, robots do hurt employment in some sectors, but they also bring positive changes, particularly in terms of cost reduction and improved productivity.

Have you ever watched a movie about robots?

I’m not particularly drawn to robot movies, as I’m more inclined towards Korean dramas. However, I have seen a few films featuring giant robots that transform into cars, although the specifics escape me. There are also classic movies depicting robots from the future or robot policemen, but these genres haven’t piqued my interest much.

Should we let a robot drive us for long journeys?

Despite their accuracy, I believe humans should retain responsibility, especially during long journeys. Some decisions, such as reacting to unexpected situations like a car failure, require human intuition. For instance, if faced with a choice between hitting a child or another car, humans have an innate ability to prioritize protecting the child, a decision that a robot might struggle to comprehend.

What can robots do for you at home?

Currently, in the consumer market, robots often serve as companions or help with household tasks. There are small robot pets available, resembling pocket-sized creatures. Additionally, devices like the Roomba autonomously sweep and clean the house regularly, providing a hands-free solution for maintaining a clean floor.

How interested are you in robots?

Although we live in this day and age where robots are now part of our lives, I never really had a fascination with them. They’re just more of a tool for me. While I’ve seen a lot of things like robot pets or robotic devices on social media, it’s not something that excites me or becomes a conversation starter with my friends. I usually talk about a variety of things with my friends, but I’ve never had the inclination to discuss electronics, digital, or even robotics. It’s a bit too much for me, and I don’t consider myself savvy when it comes to technology and robots.

When you were a child, did you enjoy robot films?

When I was young, I had very limited time for watching TV or movies. If I had the opportunity to watch something, I would usually go for something I personally liked, which was quite rare, as my parents usually controlled the TV and decided what programs to watch. During the times I could watch, it was usually drama, news, or some animation to some degree. I cannot recall if we watched many robot films, but as far as I know, there were some.

Would you like to have a robot to help you at home?

Recently, I’ve seen this one that automatically cleans your room, I think it’s called the Roomba. While it has become a common household item, we don’t really consider it a robot in the sense of being amazed. It’s been on the market for a couple of years, and it does its duty, but we perceive it more as a gadget than a true robot.

Would you feel happy traveling in a car with automatic driving?

I, for one, never really drive long distances, as I’m a bit scared, especially when I’m with a more experienced driver. The idea of automatic driving raises some hesitation for me. While it’s said to prevent more accidents, I have mixed feelings about putting the responsibility of driving to a specific place in the hands of AI. I wouldn’t say I feel happy about it, as the idea of traveling itself, whether I’m commuting or driving on my own, is already satisfactory for me.

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