IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Gifts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Gifts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Gifts

  • Have you ever sent handmade gifts to others?
  • Have you ever received a great gift?
  • What do you consider when choosing a gift?
  • Do you think you are good at choosing gifts?

Have you ever sent handmade gifts to others?

In my younger years, I was into baking, and at one point, I used to bake various sweets, pastries, and even cakes for my friends during their birthdays or special occasions. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule upon entering college, I had to stop.

Although I’ve wanted to try it, I’ve never had the opportunity. Instead, I opt for handicrafts where I can purchase handmade gifts made by other people. For example, I often buy keychains made of wood or souvenirs when I travel. While I haven’t crafted them myself, I enjoy giving these handmade gifts to friends, especially after we’ve traveled together.

Have you ever received a great gift?

When I was about to graduate, my dad gave me a wonderful pen. It’s a tradition in our family, as my father received a pen from his father as well. Even though it’s not an expensive item, that pen holds sentimental value, passing down a family tradition. It now sits in my room, unused, as I want to cherish it, and I would be upset if something happened to it. When I have my own family, I plan to continue this tradition and pass it on to my future family.

What do you consider when choosing a gift?

Firstly, I consider the price and how much I can afford for a particular item. I also think about the timeline—is it an urgent gift, or do I have the luxury of saving for a few weeks or months? Additionally, I reflect on the connection I have with the person: are we very close, or is it more of an acquaintance? These are the basic factors I take into account.

Do you think you are good at choosing gifts?

I’m quite confident in my gift selection skills, given that people often ask me for recommendations. Friends frequently express appreciation for my thoughtful choices, especially those who are articulate about what they want to give to someone.

Have you ever received a really good present?

When I graduated back in high school, my parents gave me this wonderful necklace. It’s symbolic because it represents the journey and the completion of one phase, marking the start of a new one. Although I cherish it, I seldom wear it because I fear losing it or accidentally dropping it somewhere. I keep it in my drawer, and whenever I feel down, it serves as a reminder of the struggles I faced and the accomplishments I achieved through those challenges.

Are you good at choosing presents for others?

I cannot confidently say that I am good at it all the time. While some people seek advice from me, indicating that I have some expertise in choosing gifts, I also receive critiques about my preferences or how I select certain items. I would say it’s more of a seven out of 10 in terms of success.

What kind of present would you buy for your friends?

One thing I appreciate about my friends is that they are not overly materialistic. Small tokens, like a simple handmade craft, appeal to them. Gifts related to art, craft, a heartfelt letter, a puzzle, or even a souvenir are appreciated. I’m fortunate that most of my friends value these gestures. They don’t complain if I give them a small piece; instead, they display it in their rooms. For example, when I visited a friend, I saw the gift I had sent displayed on a fine rack, which was quite flattering.

Have you ever given someone a present that you made yourself?

When I was younger, I had a fascination with baking. There was a time when I sent handmade cookies or brownies as a gift. While they did appreciate it, unfortunately, due to my increasingly busy schedule, I had to stop. It was only a brief period, but I was genuinely interested in baking, and my mom would help me during that time.

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