IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – News

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – News

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – News

1. Are you interested in news?

I’ve come to realize that exposure to news, while informative, can also trigger anxiety, especially when it involves events beyond our control, like wars in other countries or economic fluctuations. While it’s true that ignorance can sometimes be bliss, being informed about such matters is important. However, I’ve found that limiting my exposure to news sources, both traditional and social media, has led to greater inner peace and reduced anxiety.

2. How do you usually find news?

These days, news is primarily consumed through social media platforms. While traditional sources like newspapers and television are still prevalent in places like convenience stores, most people, including myself, rely on online news sources for updates. I try to stay informed about major events but avoid delving too deeply into news stories that might heighten anxiety.

3. How do your friends get news?

Similarly, most of my friends also rely on social media for news updates. The convenience of accessing news online and the ability to share articles with others make online news sources the preferred choice. Instead of discussing the news directly, we might share articles or stories with each other, particularly if they align with our interests or values.

4. Have you read the news this morning?

In the past, reading the morning newspaper was a common routine, but with the prevalence of social media and online news sources, this practice has become less common for me. Nowadays, news alerts on my phone keep me informed of significant events, making the traditional morning newspaper a thing of the past.

5. Do you often talk with your friends about the news?

Conversations about current events are relatively rare among my friends and me. While we might have differing opinions on certain topics, discussing potentially divisive issues like politics can strain friendships. Therefore, we tend to avoid such discussions, focusing instead on topics that foster camaraderie and mutual understanding.

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