IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Fishing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Fishing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Fishing

  • Is fishing popular in your country?
  • Do you like eating fish?
  • Have you ever been to a place where there are lots of fish around you?
  • Have you seen any movies with lots of fish?

1. Is fishing popular in your country?

  • Fishing is indeed a popular pastime in my country, but it tends to be more favored by older men and retirees. Also, people who live near bodies of water like it as well. However, it’s not very common among urban city dwellers.
  • In the area where I reside, fishing is not just a pastime; it’s primarily an occupation. The majority of people here earn their livelihood through fishing, focusing on catching various marine life, including fish, and crabs, and even working on ships.

2. Do you like eating fish?

  • No, I’m not particularly fond of fish, but when my mother prepares it, I have to eat it. I’m not a fan of fish bones; they tend to get stuck in my throat and I am allergic especially to shrimps and lobsters.
  • Absolutely, I’ve had the pleasure of trying salmon and other crustaceans like lobster. My mom is quite skilled at preparing delicious seafood cuisine.

3. Have you ever been to a place where there are lots of fish around you?

  • Yes, there’s a unique restaurant where they have numerous aquariums with a variety of fish. Customers can choose the fish they want, and the restaurant will cook it for them. Additionally, I’ve been to some rivers in the countryside, where I’ve seen catfish swimming.
  • I’ve visited a river and spotted some fish there. I’ve also dined at a seafood restaurant with an aquarium where you can select your fish. Additionally, there was one memorable visit to an aquatic resort where I was surrounded by fish, but that was a one-time experience.

4. Have you seen any movies with lots of fish?

  • Yes, I’ve watched movies like “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.” These are colorful and animated films that revolve around the lives of fish.
  • I can recall enjoying ‘Shark Tale,’ a film featuring the voices of Jack Black and Will Smith, which revolves around underwater adventures.

Is fishing popular in your country?

From my observations, I’ve noticed that older individuals, like my grandfather, often enjoy heading out to the river with friends to indulge in some fishing. As for my father, and myself included, we never really developed an appreciation for fishing. Growing up in the city, I leaned more towards the urban lifestyle, finding it challenging to dedicate time to sit by the river hoping for a catch. Given our busy schedules, it becomes a bit of a hassle, and we don’t necessarily see the productivity in it.

How do you feel about eating fish?

I find it to be a good source of protein, having tried various protein options. Although I’m not a fan of cleaning fish, I prefer the convenience of ready-made fish from the grocery store, where even the bones are removed. When dining at seafood restaurants, I sometimes dislike the strong odor, especially from fresh gutted fish, which can be off-putting. Nevertheless, it’s something I’d eat, but not necessarily crave most of the time.

Have you ever visited a place where you saw lots of fish?

Apart from frequenting the wet market with its variety of frozen and fresh fish, I had the chance to visit SeaWorld. Observing numerous fish in the aquarium and exploring seafood restaurants where you can personally select the fish to be cooked for you was quite an experience.

Would you ever watch a TV programme or film about fish?

I haven’t had many opportunities or memories of watching TV shows in my country. Television is considered a luxury for a few, and during my younger years, I didn’t have much access to it. Consequently, I never had the chance to watch shows about fish. I’ve heard people talk about a fish character, possibly a cartoon from my elementary years, but I can’t recall the title, and I haven’t seen it. I believe it’s geared towards children, but my knowledge on it is quite limited.


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