IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ebooks

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ebooks

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ebooks

1. Which do you prefer, e-books or paper books?

Although I’m a fan of e-books and e-readers, I still prefer paper books. I find that I absorb knowledge faster when I can physically touch the book. Even though I’m tech-savvy, I prefer paper books for studying. E-books have their advantages, but there’s something special about having a collection of hardbound books to show off in your home. For me, it’s still paper books despite what e-books can offer.

2. When do you usually read online?

I read online all the time. Currently, as a student, I have to read a lot of online resources. Although I prefer paper books, sometimes I need online resources because they are easier to search and index. I can quickly find and copy the information I need for my research papers. The search function online is very convenient, especially when I’m short on time. However, for fun, I always prefer reading paper books.

3. Will you read more online in the future?

Yes, I think I will read more online in the future for both personal and work-related purposes. It’s easier to transfer and receive documents digitally. Even if I prefer paper books, it’s the norm now to read online, and I will have to follow the trend.

4. Do you think paper books will disappear in the future?

I don’t think paper books will disappear. While e-books are becoming more popular, people still need a reliable backup system. Hard drives can fail, and cloud services have their issues, but paper books can last for millennia if kept in good condition. We have ancient books that are still readable today. Compared to old computer files that are often inaccessible, paper books will not disappear anytime soon.


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