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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Travel or Work

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Travel or Work

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Travel or Work

Some students leave to travel or work for some time instead of going directly to university. Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages in their study? (Education)


In lieu of attending university after graduation, some opt for a career or extended travel to gain experience or generate income. While the advantages might initially seem appealing, the disadvantages outweigh them due to several adjustments and a lack of vital experience.

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High school graduates who pursue a vocation will earn money faster compared to their peers, allowing them to buy things they want, be independent, and save for future education. However, many of these individuals tend to lose focus on their educational goals. After a few years, they might realize that education is no longer as important, focusing more on their career. Unfortunately, these early workers may be surpassed by peers who studied and eventually received more lucrative pay as university graduates, regardless of prior experience.

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Some argue that travel experience gives them an edge, providing better confidence and enhancing their resume. However, those who explore the world may miss important experiences within the university. While travelers are navigating different countries, their peers are practicing and working on their college papers, gaining valuable experience that can lead to better job opportunities and potential future travel. In the end, travelers may finish college, but it takes time, while students who pursue higher education can reap the rewards of their hard work sooner.

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Lastly, the adjustment required by those who start early demands tremendous effort. People who start working or traveling might struggle to follow a schedule. Furthermore, their counterparts are fresh from high school, so their knowledge is still current, while those who took a gap year may need to review and catch up. In this day and age, information is constantly updating, and being on a gap year for too long may result in revisiting a lot of information. Additionally, as they are older, even by a few years, they might struggle to catch up, as younger individuals can acquire and retain information faster.


In conclusion, the idea of starting early after graduation from secondary school might show initial advantages, such as earning money and gaining experience. However, these advantages are not permanent, as the workplace often requires a college degree to move to a higher pedestal. Going back to school might require tremendous effort to get back on the same page as their counterparts.


IELTS Writing Task 2  – Travel or Work

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