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IELTS Writing Task 2 -Parents and Children

IELTS Writing Task 2 -Parents and Children

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Parents and Children

Some parents give their children everything that their children ask for and accept what their children want to do. Is this good for children? What could be the consequences for these children when they grow up? (Education)(教育)


It is often said that providing everything to a child can have detrimental effects on them in adulthood. I concur that this approach is not ideal for parents, as it can lead to dependency issues and eventually result in severe depression.

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Adults who grew up with parents catering to their every need may become overly reliant on others, lacking an understanding of the concept of hard work. They come to expect that things will be given to them without effort, carrying this mindset into their adulthood. Consequently, they may rely on people outside their family to provide for them, creating a dependency that can be especially noticeable in workplaces where individuals struggle to complete tasks without assistance. Moreover, these individuals tend to be high maintenance, often spending recklessly, burdening those around them with the need to cater to their needs in a child-like manner, making it challenging to work or interact with them.

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To a certain extent, overly dependent individuals may face severe depression as they confront the realities of life. When parents pass away or fortunes are lost, these adults, accustomed to always getting what they want, may struggle with rejection and limitations for the first time. Any form of rejection becomes a significant blow to their ego and morale, leading to depression. This phenomenon is particularly common among children from affluent families. When confronted with the truth that success requires hard work, they may experience feelings of upset, isolation from society, or, in some cases, construct a false narrative of their story, placing blame on society rather than themselves or their parents.


In conclusion, raising a child to receive everything they desire is not an ideal approach, particularly as they enter adulthood. The potential consequences, such as dependency and depression, highlight the drawbacks of this parenting style.


IELTS Writing Task 2  – Parents and Children

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