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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Animal Extinction

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Animal Extinction

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Animal Extinction

Numerous animal species worldwide are currently facing extinction. Some argue that countries and individuals should prioritize protecting these animals. While others believe resources should be focused more on human issues. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.(环境)(Environment)


It is argued that the extinction of certain species should be prioritized to avoid, while others argue that these resources should be better allocated for other human issues. In my opinion, as extinction is a part of life, it is better to focus on human issues to flourish.

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People who argue to focus on animals understand that these animals will benefit humans in the future. Therefore, not prioritizing them would equal the extinction of humankind. For this not to happen, every country should put forward significant resources to prevent this, from affecting any sort of harmful diversity in that ecosystem. This is to allow all animals to flourish, as most of the reasons here are either environmental or involve a foreign creature that has created an imbalance in the environment. Therefore, for the human species to survive, it is better to focus on the animals, especially those connected to our food chain.

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Others believe that there are more impending and urgent human issues that should be prioritized, and all resources should be directed there. For instance, the increase in population and environmental concerns that can affect human lives in the future are seen as top priorities. People who side with this idea tend to focus on human needs. Since protecting all animals is deemed too much, it is better to concentrate on the human side only, focusing on what directly benefits humans. For example, a direct connection with what we eat, like poultry animals, while the rest should be focused on other situations to ensure human longevity.

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In my opinion, extinction has been present in this world for millennia, and it cannot be stopped. Human beings need to ensure that they can survive as long as possible. To do that, they have to select certain animals that will allow them to flourish. This way, all resources would be managed properly, instead of helping everyone and thinning down all of them, which creates many more problems. Focusing on a certain group of animals that has a much more direct connection to humans would be beneficial for everyone.


In conclusion, both sides of whether to protect animals or focus on human needs have their ideal points. One suggests that to survive, animals should be protected, while the other focuses on the urgency of other human issues. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of resources, it is ideal to limit support to other animals. Also, focus on human improvement thus, it could help others in the future.


I recently observed that the questions, particularly in China, are becoming more challenging. The difficulty lies in the fact that students are required to write more, exceeding 250 words. However, it is crucial for them to focus on accuracy rather than simply generating a large volume of content. Coherence in writing is essential.


IELTS Writing Task 2  – Animal Extinction

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