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IELTS Writing Task 2 – 社会 Living in Cities

IELTS Writing Task 2 – 社会 Living in Cities

IELTS Writing Task 2 – 社会 Living in Cities

The best way to deal with the rising problem of traffic and transportation is by encouraging people to live in cities rather than in suburbs and in the countryside. What are the effects of rapid population growth in the city? How can the quality of life of city dwellers be maintained?(社会


It is recommended that in order to reduce traffic, people should be encouraged to live in cities. This way, they would only need to be in one place and could rely on walking instead of driving their cars from suburban areas or the countryside to the cities. I believe that the rapid population growth in cities can make them more susceptible to diseases and decrease their standard of living. To ensure a higher quality of life in cities, it would be beneficial to construct larger structures that can accommodate more people in a single building.

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The idea of having everybody in the city would increase the population significantly. People who currently live in suburban areas or the countryside would have to adjust to living in smaller apartments or confined spaces. This would inevitably create issues such as limited parking, leading to more traffic for those who rely on regular transportation like delivery vehicles, hospital ambulances, or trucks. Additionally, living in crowded places can facilitate the spread of viruses, as sanitation standards may vary among individuals.

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To enhance the quality of life without compromising important factors like health and space, it would be better to establish buildings that create a harmonious and efficient living environment. Examples like the towering structures in Dubai showcase how a single building can house multiple residential areas and other establishments. This arrangement enables residents to minimize their reliance on public transportation since everything they need is conveniently accessible within the building. People can easily travel to their workplace or school by going upstairs or downstairs, reducing the need for excessive vehicle usage.


In conclusion, for people to enjoy a better quality of life and alleviate traffic congestion and transportation issues, it is advisable for them to reside in cities. To achieve this, constructing buildings that can accommodate everyone without compromising space and sanitation is the way forward.


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