IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ice Cream

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ice Cream

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream?

There are times when I can say that I really like ice cream, especially in the summer. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. Sometimes I don’t like certain flavors like strawberry, bubblegum, or mango. I will never say no to any type of ice cream, however, I have sensitive teeth, so I have to have ice cream in moderation. 

Do you eat ice cream a lot?

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream even though I like sweets. Maybe it’s because it’s cold and I tend to have a little bit of sniffles afterward. So, instead of eating ice cream by itself, I prefer to have it as a topping on desserts like cake. For example, I like having ice cream on top of brownies. However, on its own, I don’t eat ice cream frequently.

Did you eat ice cream as a child?

My dad was really an ice cream enthusiast. As a child, I was given ice cream, and I remember having a glass cup filled with it. I could finish a cup, but afterward, I would feel sick and sometimes even throw up. I think I had Tivoli, but I’m not sure if they’re still on the market. As a kid, it was the ice cream brand I enjoyed.

Are there shops selling ice cream near where you live?

Ice cream shops are not very popular in my area. We have some grocery stores and convenience stores that sell the usual ice cream brands like Magnolia and Selecta, as well as some local brands. There’s also a Korean store that offers Korean ice cream, and we have yogurt and soft serve options. McDonald’s is also available, and they serve ice cream sundaes.

Would you like to make your own ice cream?

I was watching a home TV shopping channel, and they were promoting an expensive ice cream maker for making homemade ice cream. It’s a bit inconvenient as you have to freeze it for about three hours before using it, and you have to churn it. I’m not sure what flavor I would like to make, but maybe something like Kimchi flavored ice cream.  It might be considered an abomination, but it would be funny if a company actually made it.


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