IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Home & Accommodation

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Home & Accommodation

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Home & Accommodation

What kind of house or flat do you want to live in in the future?

In the future, I would like to live with my family as currently, I live with my in-laws. Although, the house has three bathrooms, three bedrooms, and an additional space for a small business, I still prefer to have just my wife and kid with me. I would also love to have a fancy kitchen as I am interested to cook and bake.

Are the transportation facilities to your home very good?

Since I live in the countryside, transportation facilities are satisfactory. In the countryside, it is expected for individuals to have their own vehicles. However, when it comes to public transportation, there is a bus that can be reached within a five-minute walk. Taxis are also available. The only challenge is that the bus operates only until 5:00 p.m., which may not be suitable for those who need to travel home late at night. In such cases, expensive taxi fares are the only option, which can be inconvenient.

Do you prefer living in a house or a flat?

Having lived in both a flat and a house before, I would always choose to live in a house. I am a person who values privacy and sometimes tends to be loud. When I lived in an apartment, I realized that any sound I made could be heard by the neighbors below, and I had to be cautious not to disturb them. Likewise, I had to be mindful of the noise coming from the neighbors above. It was a challenging experience, and I would not choose to live in an apartment again.

Please describe the room you live in.

Currently, my room is converted into a small office. I prefer to have a better office setup, so I sleep on the floor. I have been doing this for the past fourteen months, and I am comfortable with the setup. The focus of the room is my office, which is well-equipped and allows me to be productive. There are three wardrobes, although I only use one. The other wardrobes belong to my in-laws, who have a lot of clothes stored there. Initially, this room served as a storage space, but I converted it into an office. I am still working on clearing the excess items to create more space.

What part of your home do you like the most?

Although it may sound cliché, my favorite part of my home is my room. I have invested a lot of money in making my office/room comfortable. Despite not having a spacious bed like others, I am still content and comfortable. I can engage in various creative activities in this room, and it serves as my sanctuary. Also, I can relax, play, work, and even eat here. I could stay in this room for two weeks without going out and feel content.

How long have you lived there?

I have been living in my current place for almost two years. I had to move here during the pandemic and initially didn’t like the place. However, over time, I grew more comfortable, especially after the bathroom was renovated. The improvements made the place more pleasant, and I gradually started appreciating it.

Do you plan to live there for a long time?

Yes, I don’t really see any reason to leave. My daughter loves her school, which is just a 7-minute taxi ride away. The grocery stores are within walking distance, and the place is near the road. I don’t see us moving to another house for the meantime. Maybe I would consider moving after my daughter is in high school, but that’s something up in the air.

What’s the difference between where you are living now and where you have lived in the past?

One of the main differences is the size of the rooms. In the past, I had a really big room because I inherited my parents’ house. I had my own bathroom, and a decent-sized office inside my room. Now, my room is only about a quarter of that size. Before, I had a queen-size bed, but now I have a single bed and I often sleep on the floor. That’s the biggest difference. Another difference is that the place I’m living in now has an air conditioner. In my previous place, I didn’t bother installing one because it had a lot of windows, but here, since the place is small and not well ventilated, we have an air conditioner.

Can you describe the place where you live?

Basically, it’s like the countryside. It takes at least four hours to get here from Manila, and along the way, you’ll see a lot of farmland and mountains. It’s a small town surrounded by big farms. When you arrive in my area, you’ll see people farming rice and many vendors selling vegetables. The tallest building you’ll see is only four floors high. This is quite different from where I used to live, where there were buildings as tall as 86 floors. Here, people tend to go home exactly at 5:00 p.m., signaled by the city bell. It’s very different from Makati City, where people work until 10:00 p.m., and the night is still young. Here, by 8:00 p.m., everyone is already at home. It has been a life-changing experience for me.

What room does your family spend most of the time in?

I guess we spend most of our time in the master bedroom. We tend to stay there and we have a big smart tv so we have a good entertainment system. Sometimes we work together in that room, and my kids like to lie down with their phones. The room is air-conditioned, so during the summer, we prefer to stay inside. We rarely eat in the dining room because both my wife and I are working, so we usually buy takeout or just go out to a restaurant.

What makes you feel pleasant in your home?

One of the things that makes me feel pleasant is the experience of replacing my bedsheet and pillowcase. Also, having a fully charged phone, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and enjoying a hot cup of tea or milk tea. I have recently come to appreciate the simple life with a few gadgets.

Do you think it is important to live in a comfortable environment?

Yes, I think it’s crucial to have a comfortable place to live. If you stay in a place where you’re not comfortable, you won’t be able to get enough rest. Lack of rest leads to difficulties being productive the next day, and if this cycle continues, you’ll often feel tired and cranky, which affects your performance at work. It’s really important to have an environment where you can relax and be yourself both physically and mentally.


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