IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Childhood Memory

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Childhood Memory

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Childhood Memory

1. What did you enjoy doing as a child?

I enjoyed my childhood a lot because I didn’t have everything handed to me. Sometimes, we had to explore outside and learn about science by exploring, not just from books. We’d look for worms, insects, and spiders. These memories are something today’s children might not appreciate. Also, when it came to TV shows, we didn’t have streaming services like now. We had to wait for our favorite cartoons to come on and then talk about them with excitement the next week. I enjoyed the exploration and the feeling of waiting for something good.

2. Did you enjoy your childhood?

I would say I had a pretty enjoyable childhood, even though we didn’t have a lot of money. We managed to travel at least once a year, which became a tradition. Even though we didn’t have many gadgets, I had a lot of friends and spent my afternoons playing outside in the neighborhood. Reuniting with cousins during festivals was another highlight of my childhood.

3. What are your best childhood memories?

My best childhood memories are from vacations, especially when we went to amusement parks. The excitement built up every day until we got there. The rides were so much fun, even though they made us tired. Coming back home after all the excitement, although tiring, was the best feeling as a child.

4. Do you think it is better for children to grow up in the city or in the countryside?

It’s hard for me to say because I grew up in the city, so I don’t know much about growing up in the countryside. But I believe it’s good for children to learn and explore wherever they grow up. Whether it’s in the countryside or the city, the important thing is that they have the chance to explore and interact with their surroundings. These experiences are something they won’t learn from books. So, it’s better for them to have the opportunity to explore outside, regardless of where they live.

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