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Daily English: Meeting People (A1)

Daily English: Meeting People (A1)

Daily English: Meeting People (A1)


  • Name 名称
  • Nickname 昵称
  • First Name 名字
  • Last Name 姓
  • Address 住址
  • Email Address 电子邮件地址
  • Phone Number 电话号码
  • Apartment Number 公寓编号

Daily English: Meeting People (A1) – Dialogue

Person A: Hello! What’s your name? 人物A:你好!你叫什么名字?
Person B: Hi! My name is Sarah. What’s your name? B:嗨!我的名字叫莎拉。你叫什么名字?
Person A: Nice to meet you, Sarah! My name is John. Do you have a nickname? 人A:很高兴认识你,莎拉!我的名字叫约翰。你有昵称吗?
Person B: Yes, my friends call me “Sunny.” Do you have a nickname? 人乙:是的,我的朋友叫我“阳光”。你有外号吗?
Person A: No, I don’t have a nickname. Just John is fine. So, what’s your last name, Sunny? 人A:不,我没有昵称。只是约翰很好。那么,你姓什么,Sunny?
Person B: My last name is Smith. What about you, John? 人乙:我姓史密斯。你呢,约翰?
Person A: My last name is Johnson. It’s nice to know your full name, Sunny Smith. 人物A:我姓约翰逊。很高兴知道你的全名,桑尼·史密斯。
Person B: Thank you, John Johnson. By the way, where do you live? Can you tell me your address? 人物B:谢谢你,约翰·约翰逊。顺便问一下,你住在哪里?你能告诉我你的地址吗?
Person A: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not comfortable sharing my address, but I live in the city center. What about you, Sunny? 人A:哦,对不起。我不愿意分享我的地址,但我住在市中心。你呢,Sunny?

Person B: That’s alright, John. I live on Maple Street, near the park. Can I ask for your email address? 人B:没关系,约翰。我住在公园附近的枫树街。我可以问一下你的电子邮件地址吗?
Person A: Sure, my email address is [email protected]. What’s your email address, Sunny? 人员A:当然,我的电子邮件地址是[email protected].你的电子邮件地址是什么,Sunny?
Person B: Thank you, John. My email address is [email protected]. Do you have a phone number, John? 人乙:谢谢你,约翰。我的电子邮件地址是[email protected].约翰,你有电话号码吗?
Person A: Yes, my phone number is 555-1234. What’s your phone number, Sunny? 人A:是的,我的电话号码是555-1234。你的电话号码是多少,Sunny?
Person B: My phone number is 555-5678. And one last question, John, do you live in an apartment? B:我的电话号码是555-5678。还有最后一个问题,约翰,你住在公寓里吗?
Person A: No, I live in a house. I don’t have an apartment number. What about you, Sunny? 人A:不,我住在一所房子里。我没有公寓号码。你呢,Sunny?
Person B: I live in an apartment building, and my apartment number is 305. B:我住在一栋公寓楼里,我的公寓号是305。

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